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This article and guide is about finding your way thru all the tricks, traps, pitfalls, and swindles I went thru after losing a long time best friend in February 2017

I am writing this Guide for you. I had a lot of time, and still did it wrong. I feel strongly about paying forward the least known average consumer information into the best amazing knowledge you'll ever need for buying a puppy or dog
After being swindled by a breeder in March 2017,  I needed to know why I had let that happen to me when I am usually a thorough shopper. Mostly grief, but that is no excuse. I did not do my research when warned to do so.

The links on this page will take you thru each step from beginning to end on what you need to know. I researched it all twice when other issues arose. Please read them in order or you will miss something you wish you had not.
Finding your Puppy
Puppy Mills
AKC Breeders
Elsie's First Year
Breed of Their Own
Good Luck and Have Fun Finding Your New Best Friend. 
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